Do You Remember What Your Goal Looked Like?

Are you moving at lightning speed? Do you even remember why you are doing what you are doing right now? The why! I’m going to share with you something that I read that made a huge impact on me. 

Last year I read a book called Quitter by Jon Acuff. I was going to have an opportunity to sit and be coached by him. I wanted to know a little more about him, and his approach, to social media, and writing. I had just finished my co-author book, and was getting ready to launch my website. In Jon’s book, he talked about defining what success looks like, so that when it comes along, and while in the process of pursuing it, according to your definition, you don’t get distracted, and go off in directions because they are “bright and  shiny”. (bright and shiny are my words, not Jon’s).

So, a few months ago, I was with someone, and we were working on a project of hers. Goal setting, designing the project, really cool inspiring stuff. During the process, she said, I will know this is really “big, if so-and-so, will be part of this.” Fast forward. I was checking in, seeing how things were shaping up, when I was told, I spoke with so-and-so. They want to be part of things, but . . . I couldn’t believe my ears. She was going to let the opportunity to have, what she defined as success, pass her by, because she forgot what her goal was. Seriously.

Now, before you bash this unnamed person. Look yourself in the mirror. You have never let this happen, or almost happen? Really?!

Is it because you never wrote your goals out, or defined success for you? Or, is it because, no one called you on it.

It’s happened to me. I remember the first Bible Study I hosted. I was hoping for a certain number of responses. I didn’t get the number I had hoped for. I did get, women that were serious about studying the Bible. I also got women that had never studied the Bible. New women, that was the goal I initially had set out with. To have women feel comfortable, who had never studied the Bible, participate, in my study. Along the way, of sending out invitations that I had designed, addressed personally, and all of the details it takes to host a weekly study, I got caught up in the numbers. I forgot my goal. It happens.

Let’s get back to the women mentioned above. When I reminded the person about their goal, they stopped. You could feel the tension. She then said, “Wow, I need to rethink this. I need to contact them, (the person that was part of her definition of success),and tell them, I want them.” And she did. Mis-step averted. That was a huge benefit, of working with a Mentor, and defining what success looked like.

For your sake, write out your goals.

Be specific and define what success looks like, for YOU. Your definition matters for you. I thought I was doing some background on Jon Acuff.

Defining success at the outset, matters, and helps keep you on course.

Grateful for his book, and the coaching.

Strength – Take the time and effort to define success for you.

Dignity – Reading, you never know what you might learn, that will apply to your life.

Grace – If you get off course, extend grace, forgiveness to yourself, and right the direction you are going.

I’d love to hear if this resonated with you. If you’d like to talk with me about what you are up to, go on over to my Mentoring page, and sign up for Tea Time w/ Deanna, so we can chat.

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