Decision Making

You made a decision to become a dentist (or specialist), so you took the necessary action, to become one. That is an example of advanced decision making. You want apples, so you go to the store to buy some.

You make decisions all day long. You make them, in advance of what you want. The action you take, is based on the results you want. That is another way of looking at coming from a vision. It’s decision making, in advance.

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Decisions – Choices – Options – do you go this way?

Let’s look an example of how this looks. You decide that you want to increase your acceptance rate of treatment plans. You figure your current acceptance rate. Increase it by 30%, ask yourself, “Would I love to increase the acceptance rate of my treatment plans by 30%?” This is where you must be honest with yourself.

Figure out what that number is. Then write it out on a piece of paper:

 “I am so happy and grateful, now that I have fill in the exact number, accept my treatment plans on a weekly basis, this or something even greater still.”

You will want to read this at least three times a day. Include your team in your decision to increase your patient acceptance rate. Now, comes the part where you want to look at ways that might improve your probability of getting more patients to accept your treatment plans.

What might you change in how you communicate? What might allow you to stay with the thought , that your patient wants to do what you recommend? What financial arrangements might you offer, to make things affordable, over time, with financing options?

Getting comfortable with making decisions will help you to come from those things that you want, which then causes you to think from results, and take actions to support your desired results. That is how everything we do begins. It all begins with a decision.

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