Continuing Education to Breakthrough Adversity and Win

Today, I’m sharing with you my philosophy on continuing education. It’s shared among many thought leaders of today, so it’s not unique to me. But I do believe you will be enlightened by my philosophy. Most importantly I hope to inspire you to continue your education.

Continue Your Education by Reading

I’m going to start with one of the most important actions you can take every day that leads to life success. Reading. The minimum is 20 minutes a day. If you really want to move forward and win, like I’m fond of saying, you must read 60 minutes a day.

It’s also the easiest from of continuing education. What you’re reading is as important as the time you invest to read.  Pick books, blogs, articles, e-books, devotionals, magazines, etc. that will teach you something new or inspire you.

Continue Your Education with Seminars, Conferences and Networking

The next area of continuing education is attending personal growth seminars,workshops, networking events that provide learning opportunities. This may seem like a novel idea if you have been out of school for a while.

Continue your education to breakthrough adversity and win

Every time I attend an eWomenNetwork event I learn something that helps me improve my life or my business. That's me in the front row in the yellow top!

Wherever you are today in your career/work history/current situation, it was necessary for you to get some training/education. Whose responsibility was that? Yours!

So, now that you are doing what you’re doing, how do you keep yourself current? It’s not up to a company you work for, or someone else to pay for your “trend training”.  Take responsibility for yourself, invest in yourself and do what is necessary to get the updated training, motivation, and education.

There are a slew of online tele-seminars, webinars, and video series that can help propel you forward. Enroll. Attend conferences. Back when I was leading, teaching, and writing Bible Studies, I attended a minimum of 2 conferences a year. One I took a group to, the other, I went for me. Yes, I learned at both, so there was benefit to attending both, there was a different emphasis for each.

Breakthrough Adversity and Win by…
Taking Action

So, get to the point Deanna.

If you want to break through adversity to move forward and win, you MUST feed your brain, through an experience on a regular basis.

At this juncture in my life, I attend 3-5 conferences a year, monthly seminars, monthly networking that has an element of teaching/training, and at least 2 online events a week. I also listen to CD’s in my car regularly.  I’m taking those actions, how about you? What would this concept of feeding your brain to learn and move forward, look like for you?

Here is how this shows up with Strength, Dignity and Grace.

  • Strength: Take responsibility for continuing to educate yourself. Write your plan/goals down on paper.
  • Dignity: Read and participate in events that move you forward, so  you can WIN!
  • Grace: If you haven’t been doing this, forgive yourself, and begin today.

It’s your turn now, share with me how you have been doing this, or what your plans are now to continue your education. Lifelong learners are leaders!

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