Consistency and Getting What You Want Part 2 of 2

This is part 2 in a 2 part series, check out part 1 here.  We are  continuing, with the last installment of a blog post in a series format, so that we can give you more in depth information, yet keep the blog posts short and digestible. Also, my team will shut down for their own Holiday Celebrations, so we are being wise with our time, and still able to give you regular life giving content.

We want what we want, right? More patients, a team that gets you and your vision, patients that accept your treatment plans, time to do what you want to do. What else? What else would you like? Once you describe what else you want, we can begin. That’s what, coming from the end in mind. Our memory works both ways. That may sound odd, yet there is real truth in that.

The consistency part is reviewing our vision/goals daily with the sense we have already achieved the thing that we are wanting. There are a few strategies that will help bridge the intention/behavior gap. First come from belief – what you are wanting – is already a reality. This helps you make decisions that support what you want.

Examples of coming from belief

  • Patients accept treatment plans 50% of the time
    • I bring to mind and explain the benefits not only to the patient, I include my team in the dialogue so that there is a partner in believing for the patient
    • I give examples (the specific patient, or another) of someone putting off treatment
    • You sit and reflect how it will FEEL to have 50% of your patients accept treatment plans. You picture the additional money in your accounts, and the gratitude and satisfaction you will FEEL.
    • Write out the vision/goal of 50% acceptance of treatment plans by patients, and review with your team (daily), of current percentage
    • Celebrate incremental increases towards your goal (looking to the big celebration)
  • Time to do (_____) what you want. We’ll use the example to snow ski more.
    • You decide that you want to ski a three day weekend every month during ski season. (I am so happy and grateful now that I enjoy skiing for a three day weekend every month, this or something even greater still).
    • You mark off either a Monday or a Friday once every month from November through March. You tell your team that you will not be seeing patients on those days.
    • You call friends and family and make specific plans to get together with them during your long weekends.
    • You talk with friends and family about how you have committed to ski more, and how it FEELS to make that decision.
    • You make reservations for accommodations, purchase lift tickets (season pass), tune up your equipment.
    • Reflect how it will FEEL at the end of the season, to have enjoyed more skiing.

getting what you want, dentist, dentit mindset

Another strategy is to develop if-then planning, this is somewhat of a softer approach to the above, yet still effective.

Examples of if-then approach

We know there are habits that, if you want to feel better about yourself, you must commit to on a consistent basis. When we override our decision to something we have committed to, we “pay consequences”.

  • If I work through lunch, I’ll begin later tomorrow or finish earlier.
  • If I watch a news program, I will read an extra 20 minutes in a personal growth book.
  • If I skip my morning workout, I’ll wake up early tomorrow and go for a run before breakfast.

The key is consistently being committed to a goal/vision. We don’t look for perfection, yet action is required to change a behavior, or to cause a situation to change.

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