Consistency and Getting What You Want Part 1 of 2

We are going to continue writing the next two blog post in a series format, so that we can give you more in depth information, yet keep the blog posts short and digestible. Also, my team will shut down for their own Holiday Celebrations, so we are being wise with our time, and still able to give you regular life giving content.

After talking with people that do business with Dentists/Specialists, I found something surprising. There are many people that do/have business with dentists/specialists that see them as tight/thrifty/cheap. I found this somewhat shocking. After I felt the shock for a bit, I allowed myself to think about this, and why others may think of dentists that way, and how some little shifts in the dentist’s thinking and their actions, may change the opinion of those that currently hold the current belief.

Since we always begin with the end in mind, we are going to be consistent with this practice here. If we want others to view us as generous (if you truly do, and not just to save your reputation), what might a generous person do? How might a generous person act? How would you feel being generous? List out those ideas (remember, this is called sourcing) that may be viewed as generous. Try and come up with 20-50 ways. 

Also, I want you to give some thought to your beliefs around money, do you believe there is an endless source, that you always have enough, and that it is an energy that flows through you? I know those aren’t casual questions, you may want to give some time to thinking about your beliefs around money. Where did those beliefs come from?

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I’m a proponent of paying someone towards the top of the pay scale, when their education, knowledge, experience, and attitude warrant it. Sometimes, we hire someone at the beginning of their career, so in that case, you are paying at the lower end. YET, make plans that when they reach a level of competency that you pay them well. Here is why, I’m taking so long on pay, if you have a team around you that allows you to treat your patients in a manner that is consistent with your mission statement and carries out your vision, then you have a moral/ethical obligation to show appreciation and acknowledgement that they are allowing you to perform in your practice in that way, and you should compensate them accordingly.

Go deep into the other ideas, that really catch your interest. If you put some of these ideas into practice, then you may feel better about your generosity, which in turn will shift how others view you, too.

You practicing generosity will have a positive effect on your production and your revenue. Money is an energy, and where we increase the flow out, it has a natural reaction to increase the flow inwards, this is physics, not a theory.

If we consistently are generous, if we consistently practice gratitude, if we consistently come from our vision, if we consistently take time to be still,  consistently extend grace (forgiveness), consistently celebrate our wins along the way, and consistently limit the negative focusing on the positive, giving of ourselves, we will love our life. The key is consistency, yet not perfection.

Next week, we are going to delve into increasing the probability of reaching goals/dreams/visions in our practice, our relationships, and all of our life. Just in time, for 2017. It’s all about Consistency.

(Here is a pre-announcement – here at Dentistry It’s Personal, we will be teaching a live MasterClass January 18th – specifically for the Dentist/Specialist. Watch for an official registration soon.)

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