Chaos is a Choice

Chaos happens when we don’t have systems.

Whether we are training our team, or training our thoughts, to follow a pattern, both situations perform better when there is a system to follow.

In talking with a dentist/client, they were adjusting to a new systems and the pattern of old habits. I reminded them, that when they lead by example, valuing each team member, and following a system that has everyone clear of their respective responsibilities, work ada coverflows more efficiently, and running behind schedule is a rare exception.

How does that happen? By having a clear mission for your clinic, and making sure everyone has a firm grasp of their responsibility within their role. Beginning with the end in mind helps the clinic to run smoothly, which decreases the stress of the dental team, and in turn, the patients as well.

Chaos happens when we don’t have a clear vision in mind.  – Tweet that 

Having a vision, helps you develop systems for each team member, and for yourself, the dentist.

I wrote a contributing chapter in the recent ADA publication – you may find it useful in developing systems.   You can find it here.

Chaos is a choice.


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