Celebrate Along the Way

I was born into a family that took road trips to historical places around the United States.

I love road trips!

I’m hoping that you have career/vocation goals, and personal goals, or a bucket list. We’ve covered the importance of developing these here.

As we work towards our goals/vision I encourage you to celebrate at mini milestones, and to especially celebrate, once you reach your goal.

Recently, I traveled to my fiftieth state-  50th. It’s taken me 15 years to get there, since I had realized I only had one more state to travel to. I had business in Virginia (which I’ll write about next week), and Kentucky shared a border, and my favorite airline flew there. So I booked a flight, and off I went.

I decided that since it was my last state needed for claiming bragging rites of traveling to all 50 states, I wanted to create a little celebrating and social media fan fare.

2015-10-07 13.36.08 2015-10-07 14.35.05

I had a blast! Most importantly, I paused from the business of everyday life, and took a whole entire day, to celebrate by myself.

So here is my challenge to you How do you acknowledge achievement of a goal, or steps along the way? – Tweet that

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