Why the Women’s Foundation of Colorado

Years ago I decided to go to Graduate School and get a Certificate of Completion as a Paralegal. I was excited about my opportunities, and to work in the legal field. Some of the women in my family were less than encouraging and supportive of my chosen field of study. I was asked, “Why don’t…

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The Benefits of Collaboration

Being a Solo Entrepreneur is great. That doesn’t mean I work, totally alone. I’m going to recommend, that you surround yourself with people that support you both emotionally, and intellectually. Napoleon Hill developed the concept of Master Mind Alliance. Using the  collective power of friends/colleagues to further progress forward a plan/goal towards it’s proposed outcome.…

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Overcoming Obstacles to Effective Networking

I recently was asked, what do you speak on? I replied, “Overcoming obstacles and Networking.” This person looked at me, and asked why? “Why what, my inner voice was challenging.” Instead I replied, “Because of my life experiences.” It may seem odd, but to me, it’s as natural as breathing.” Again, my inner voice wanted…

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