Butterflies, Mushrooms & Peace

Most dentists are experiencing stress.

Actually, most Americans feel stress on a weekly basis.

Do you have a “Go To” practice to handle your stress?

I have 2 things that I regularly practice, to handle my stress.

1. Hike

2. Volunteer

Truth be told, I have things built into my schedule, so that I don’t GET to a stressed out state. I practice Yoga, I meditate, and I schedule space into my calendar.

On a recent Sunday afternoon hike, I got out of my car, and within less than a minute I had numerous butterfliesbutterflies flying around me. I kid you not! This has never happened to me. One landed on my leg, then a few minutes later, on my hand.

That set the tone for my entire hike. I didn’t even need to consume the mushrooms I encountered later, (I’ve never consumed mushrooms in the wild – only from the Supermarket. It made for an eye catching title).

I found peace immediately.

Peace and stress cannot co-exist. That’s a fact.

Imagine, if you are peaceful, and not stressed out, your patients stand a better chance of not being stressed out, (I’ve surveyed this.)

So go ahead, and schedule something, that will bring you peace. If you really like it, be sure to keep it on your calendar. It may not be butterflies landing on you, and seeing mushrooms growing in the wild, it just may be what you design that’s important to you, that brings you peace.

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