The Big Takeaway from ADA 2014

If you attended the ADA Convention in San Antonio this past week, I’m sure you are ready to get back to your patients, your team (maybe you took them with you), and get back to your routine. Did you succumb to the many hawkers of their wares? Did you promise to “get back” with someone and their company with the possibility of a new widget or service? How many hours of CE did you complete?

You may be annoyed by my questions, but hopefully, not as annoyed as those that truly don’t know you, or your practice. I’m sure you are like most—you want to concentrate on quality care for your patients, with keeping an eye on your bottom line. You may be part of a huge dental community, the ADA, but you are also unique—in your approach, your care, and how you show up day in and day out. So, is this truly a time of transformation within the dental industry? I believe it is.


I loved that the convention began with ADA President Charles Norman III honoring Dr. Damazo with the 2014 ADA Humanitarian Award. You know that here at Dentistry It’s Personal we’re big on giving back, helping you to find that balance, and bettering your community and the world as a whole while you volunteer.  Then former President George W. Bush had us laughing and enjoying his laid back attitude while sharing his stories while in office, and those post service, and promoting his upcoming book about his father.

Thursday morning with President George W. Bush

Thursday morning with President George W. Bush

I believe the transformation encompasses the way your patient finds you, all the way through your completed treatment. Are you engaged with social media? If you aren’t you better jump on the train. Here at DIP (Dentistry It’s Personal)  we’ll be rolling out some exciting news soon. How you are diagnosing is changing from the “old school” method of film x-rays to digital, and viewing them on an iPad or a desktop right there in the exam room (old school opratory). Gone are the days of Yellow Page ads—now most patients can schedule an appointment straight from your website.

What’s near and dear to our heart is how you the dentist are dealing with stress. Roger Price addressed “Looking at the Patient Attached to the Teeth” with an integrated approach.

There are options for dealing with stress, and ignoring it should not be one of them. Returning to business as usual won’t serve you or your patients in the long run.

So, take some action. Jump into the social media pool and post something about yourself on Facebook along with the success of your patients. Try out some new equipment that makes performing what you do easier. Use a patient contact service to decrease your “no shows.” And most importantly, take action in designing the life you would love to live. Pick up or download a book on personal development. The ADA Convention was just a start, now follow through.

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