The Best Way to Create More Time

To Infinity and Beyond

I know a way to create more time. The best way. I know, I know, you are thinking “Deanna, there are 24 hours in a day, you can’t create more time.” Oh, but Grasshopper, you can. Take a deep breath, and allow me to show you.

First let’s, take a look at how some dentists go through a typical day. You do the early morning routine, get to the office, check the schedule, respond to any potential emergency requests, see patients, squeeze in emergency, scarf down something to eat, while responding to phone messages, emails, and text messages. Pour up models from the morning, fill out lab slips, complete charts, run errands, see patients, check hygiene …

You get the picture, it’s non-stop from the time your feet hit the office, and beyond. Picture Buzz Lightyear — “To infinity and beyond!” That’s a typical day, an infinity and beyond amount of work. What if . . .

Photo Credit: NASA/Paul E. Alers

Photo Credit: NASA/Paul E. Alers

Deep breath. What if, you lived deliberately, not reactionary. I know I’m not the Dentist. I’m the expert on productivity, prosperity, and potential—the fluffy stuff, right? Also the stuff that will get you to being able to live a life you love, with passion, joy, with purpose, and one that YOU describe as SUCCESSFUL.

So strap in, we’re going to beyond infinity!

  • Create space in your calendar.
  • Get to the office with enough time, to settle in, check Facebook, or emails. Enjoy a morning cup of coffee, or a green juice (I can dream for you), enjoy some space to truly take deep breaths, maybe even meditate, or read in a motivational book, with ease, that’s the key.
  • See your patients as you have established a rhythm of doing. See your emergency patients in the hour prior to lunch. If they truly are an emergency, they will take this convenient time you have allowed for them, and make it work.
  • During lunch, step outside of your clinic, into fresh air, no matter the season. Take a short walk, where you can encounter nature, or at least feel the weather on your face. You can literally do this in less than 5 minutes. Be single minded in your focus—no multi-tasking during your lunch break-time. Breathe deeply, maybe meditate again.
  • Then go to it—work your afternoon.
  • At least once during your week, physically encounter space around you, where you either walk, golf, play tennis, ski . . . you get the picture. Do something you enjoy, with space.  When we create space, we allow room for more to come into our lives. Not to fill up the space but to allow for flow.

I could give you all of the science behind this, yet what I really want you to do is live from your heart. You are a Scientist—all up in your head most of the time. You want to develop the ability to feel, let go, and really just to be. The ability to do this, will serve you well, in the short term AND the long run of your life.

Remember, I’ve done this in my own life, with non-dentist clients, I beta tested this with my husband the dentist, and I’ve begun working with dentists around North America. This works. All you have to do is begin, take action.

The results you’ll find are this:

  • You are more productive when actually sitting and working on patients.
  • You’ll be less stressed away from the office.
  • Soon, you’ll see your productivity sky rocketing, to infinity and beyond.
  • You’ll be enjoying more time. Time, you’ve created.


I’m off now to hike a mountain, with time I’ve created in my schedule. Please share what you enjoy doing with your time.

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