The Benefits of Ease & Flow for the Dentist

There are a few things that I can claim to know about you the dentist. I know that you have a strong work ethic, you couldn’t have gotten through Dental School without it. You may never have gotten in without it, either. You believe that if you work hard, you’ll have more “success”. I put “success” in quotation marks, because we all have different definitions for it.

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I was on the massage table, when I had what I consider an empowering thought. We can muscle our way through life, or we can allow the ease of flow to produce better results. Let that sit and resonate with you again.

We can muscle our way through life, or we can allow the ease of flow to produce better results.

Let me first show you in my life, as an example, then, I’ll give you some suggestions for yours.

For many years, I’ve decided to climb mountains, go for lengthy walks/hikes, begin large projects within my community, and take on lofty goals. I didn’t see obstacles. I would see the end result, and I pushed through until I succeeded. Which most times I did. No matter what may have arisen and tried to dissuade me. I persevered.

And then . . .

I began to meditate and practice yoga.  I no longer muscle my way through.  I’ve found that allowing for ease, allowing things to happen, on my way to dreams/goals, has become way more enjoyable.  When I would walk in the past, I would have a very fast pace, in order to accomplish more miles, now measured by steps. I would always summit or reach the end of the trail, unless I was with my children, until last summer, after 8 months of meditating.  Read about my experience here.

 Yes, there were storm clouds (you know what I’m talking about if you read about my hike last year). I allowed silence and knowing to speak to me, for ease and flow. I didn’t muscle my way through.

 What are you muscling through in your office? Are you working harder to earn more? Are you taking less time for opportunity to make more money? What if . . . (take a deep breath here) . . . you took a half hour to meditate-daily, you got a monthly massage, you volunteered during a lunch hour at your child’s school? Are you willing to do an experiment with your life?

Ease and flow is counter-intuitive.

We think to have more, we must do more. The opposite is actually true.

I’m not talking about trying here, it’s all about doing. Make a commitment for three months. You’re a scientist. You can do this. Then let me know. I know, you’ll have more ease and flow. I’ve already done the experiment on my life. Now, it’s your turn.

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