Be Brave! Say What You Really Want to, NOW!

Right now – stop multitasking. Everything, except reading this. Do I have your undivided attention? If I don’t, you won’t get the full meaning of this, oh-so-short message. My blog posts aren’t long. They can have a significant impact IF YOU ALLOW THEM TO.

How many times do you have something to say, but you sit quietly? As for myself, I have a lot of thoughts. Many times I have found myself in a situation and I want to express an idea. I’ve caught myself, and decided that someone else needs to speak up. If you know me personally and you are reading this, that might surprise you. Let me tell you, many times I do something inside my head, what I’ll call “check myself.” Well, today, I’m not. So, here goes.

Own your life. Where you are today is a result of decisions you have made. Jack Canfield says, “Take full responsibility for your life, and start from where you are.” Playing it safe, not going for your dreams is a cop-out. There, I said it! A few years ago, I looked at my life and decided that if I didn’t do something different from what I was doing, my life would look the same ten years down the road. Now don’t get me wrong. I had a good life – one of my choosing. I wanted more. So, I made some changes.

I love to hike. So, I began hiking at least every other week. No matter what needed to be done in my business or around my home, I took a hike. I love to travel. So, as I was designing my business, I made sure that travel would be included. My office reflects my likes and interests. What do you need to do so that your life reflects you? I’m holding nothing back here, so be prepared for some pushback – from people around you, your team, maybe your patients, and even yourself. Changing habits and paradigms takes being brave. Here is a video to watch.

This kind of living is not for the fainthearted. You have to want it. Take some time – don’t be in a hurry in designing the life you would love. Remember, don’t go blaming anyone for what your life looks like right now. Write out in detail what a life you would love would look like. After you have done that, what is ONE thing you can do on that day (maybe it’s today) that would move you into the direction of your dream? Do it.

Here are a few helpful tips for you to consider: How is your health – are you as physically, mentally, and emotionally as healthy as you would like to be? How are the relationships in your life? Does your practice look how you envisioned it would when you decided to become a dentist? How are your finances, and are you contributing to life through sharing of your gifts and talents? I know you may give some of your dentistry away – I’m not talking about that. What other talents are you sharing? Maybe you take a week once a year and do dentistry in a third-world country. Maybe you deliver meals to shut-ins once a month. In other words, are you helping to make the world better?

Strength – Be brave! Make changes, even when it’s scary to do so. Live BIG!

Dignity – Take responsibility for where your life is now and how it looks.Then take action! No blaming going on here.

Grace – Forgive yourself if looking at your life with true introspection isn’t that pretty of a picture. You get to change – it’s a choice, just like forgiving yourself.

I want to hear from you. What took bravery by you? As the song says, I want to see you be brave

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