Are You Too Hard on Yourself?

Your thoughts and images of what an ideal leader or dentist should be can get in the way of being the best you can be, at any given moment. And that may be getting in the way of your productivity.

If you are thinking of an idealized image of what a good leader or a great dentist is/looks like, you can’t help, but fall short of that image. That in turn, creates a negative self-image, and that . . . affects your productivity.

For a week, notice when something isn’t fitting into your view of what your life “should look like”. Keep a list – write it down. After a week, look at your list. How many are actually under your influence, like – logistics or miscommunication – which may require a resolution? No judging, (you don’t have to figure out how you’re going to manage), just recognize that you could when the time comes.


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Your internal judgment may be holding you back.


Having the awareness of your own internal judgment and analyzing, is the first step in changing your behavior. You know when someone has a low self-image, you can see it and even “feel” it.  Being hard on yourself has the same way of being detected by others. This is where your productivity can be affected. Initially, you may not see the correlation, yet, now that you have an awareness, you’ll find it to be true.

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