How to do Anything a New Way

How long have you been doing something in a certain way, and it’s not working for you? It may seem obvious to try a new way of doing it, but sometimes, it’s not obvious. We get stuck in our ways.

Our habits are a comfort for us. These are our paradigms. They keep us safe, comfortable and functioning.

I love breakfast. I love breaking the fast of not eating while I sleep, (it sounds funny when I say it that way) and choosing what tastes really good to me, and hopefully, it’s healthy. I make this green smoothie, don’t knock it, ‘til you try it.


It’s time to have a new thought about your life

Green smoothie  
2 scoops of protein powder
⅔ of a banana (it’s too sweet with a whole one)
a handful of greens *I like spinach or baby kale
8oz. coconut water
couple of ice cubes

Blend well – YUM!!!

I would make this and drink it after taking about a dozen supplements and vitamins, then try and do an hour and a half yoga class. It wasn’t working. I was getting nauseous during class. Well, that’s no good, I’m supposed to be twisting into my breath and I’m trying not to puke. Then one morning as I was coming into the kitchen to make my smoothie, I had a thought. Not an earth shattering thought, just a simple thought: Cut the recipe in half.

What are you doing in your life that isn’t really working for you? How is your stress level? Do you experience real joy, throughout your day? Are you able to say, “I love my life!” and mean it?

It’s time to have a new thought about your life. In order to do so, you’ll have to get still and be quiet. Breathe. Bring to mind that which you would like to change. Breathe, and be still. You’ll have a thought come to you. It’s how life works, it’s science – physics really.

Next, give it a go. A new way of doing something. It worked for me, and my smoothie. I no longer want to puke in yoga. And in many other ways that were no longer serving me. Some took real boldness. My habit, my paradigm was strong, yet so worth the effort.

Let me know how it goes. That new way of doing anything.

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