Allow Others to Use Their Gifts to Bless You

Many of us are hesitant to ask something of someone, purely for our benefit. We don’t want to impose. We don’t want to bother. We’re sure that the person we need to ask – or want to ask – is busy and has better things to do. So, our need goes unmet and on we go.

What if you got bold, and asked for someone’s help, input, or knowledge? And, what if by doing so, that person was able to use their gifts and talents, and bless you? For just a second, imagine how that person would feel. They may feel useful, and be grateful for the opportunity to serve.

I’m going to get specific here so that you can see, exactly what I’m talking about. I have a Mastermind partner, Dr. Teresa Lynch. She is a very gifted Energy Coach. We talk once a week and share ideas to further move each other’s businesses forward. It’s mutually beneficial. I look forward to our weekly calls.

I had a situation arise once, and I immediately thought Terry. I sent off a quick text to her, asking if she had a few minutes.  A few hours later, she called. I quickly explained my situation, and she started giving me direction. Over the phone, we were doing some really cool energy work. Our call lasted all of 15 minutes, but the benefits were long lasting.

I had a need, and Terry was able to fill it, even though, up until that time, I had not been a patient/client of hers. Not everyone can do the kind of work that Terry does. She is pretty unique in her abilities.

Now, bring to mind talent you have. Doesn’t it feel good, when you get to use that talent?

If I had kept my need to myself, Terry would not have been able to use her gift of healing. But I didn’t keep it to myself – I asked. I expressed my need, and Terry was able to do her thing.

I was blessed by my friend’s willingness to help, and she was blessed to be of service.

How cool is that?! Now, I’m not suggesting that you ask for free services from all of your professional friends. What I am saying is that, sometimes asking something of someone, allows them to be of service, and both of you are blessed by the action.

One more example for you to really illustrate my point. Someone I met at an event a few months ago – decided to take a bold and scary step and launch a motivational speaking career. I saw this on Facebook. I private messaged him and said if there was anyway I could support him, to please contact me. Within a few days, he called. I had some specific suggestions for him and then I reiterated my willingness to support him.

This gifted and talented guy had a few challenging days soon after that, and was in need of a pep talk. He reached out to me again. I was able to remind him of his incredible talents, and give him some tasks to do. As I hung up the phone, I knew I had helped, and it sure felt great. I had such a positive feeling about our call, knowing I had made a difference in his attitude, and not just for that day.

I knew what I had said would serve him well into the future. I was blessed that he allowed me to help him.

What did I gain from that phone call? A sense, a knowing, that I had made a difference. I mattered. I had value. Isn’t that what we all want? I know that when I spoke to Terry, and she helped me, she had those same feelings  when she hung up the phone with me. Please, allow others to use their gifts to bless you. And when you have the opportunity to bless others with your giftedness, do it. It feels magnificent.

Let’s check out how Strength, Dignity, and Grace look like in this sharing of gifts and blessings, and in the receiving of them, too.

Strength – Acknowledge that you have a need, and be bold enough to ask for help.

Dignity – Humble yourself, and ask (sometimes it’s both strength and dignity); don’t try and do it all yourself.

Grace – Have grace for yourself. Forgive yourself that you can’t do it all, alone, all of the time.

Please share how you have allowed others to bless you and how you feel the blessing, and how you have blessed others with your gifts.

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