Acknowledge Incremental Wins for an Increase in Prosperity

Recently I was viewing my Facebook feed, there was an article from a colleague about some recent brain research about acknowledging and even celebrating our accomplishments. The emphasis was around the incremental wins that we experience. That has been part of my proven plan for increasing prosperity and joy for years. It’s just now being measured.

You want to feel joyful and that you have a prosperous life. Many times, we have these big bodacious goals, that may take a few years (or more) to accomplish. In order for you to feel good about yourself, you must feel that you are making headway with your goal. The answer: acknowledge incremental wins, so that you may experience a sense of increase in prosperity – well being, in your life.

I want to feel that my life matters. You want to feel that your life matters. That feeling is not at the end of the rainbow. It’s not at the end of life. It’s in the now. Today.  – Tweet thatTime away

You know, I’m all about the gratitude.

● So, if you were to acknowledge gratitude today, what would it be for?

● What are you currently doing, that you feel good about, that you are proud of?

● If someone looked at your life, your practice, you as a leader of your team; what would stand out to them?

When you celebrate, what has the most meaning for you? Is it who you celebrate with, or in a certain manner (way)?

If you are looking to increase production in your favorite procedure by 33%, where are you with that? Have you identified your favorite procedure? Have you written out the specific number you want to produce on a weekly basis? Have you engaged your team, and are they on board with you? Are you making headway? If yes to any of these questions, you are moving forward.

You want to enjoy more time, doing what matters to you. How does your calendar look? Are you able to schedule and take time away from the clinic to really enjoy life?


Begin seeing yourself accomplishing that big bodacious goal. As you have successes along the way, acknowledge them, celebrate them. And then, keep going, and keep celebrating them. It’s the journey, that is worthwhile, the path, not necessarily the summit. It’s who you become, in the process.

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