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Deanna-AboutPage-WebsiteGreetings and welcome!

I have a blessed life! It’s because of the way I choose to look at possibilities, not my circumstances.  It’s a choice—one that you can make also.

I remember when I first decided to seek out the positive in my life. I was suffering from a terrible headache as result of a cerebral hemorrhage. My 9-month-old daughter woke up needing to be fed in the middle of the night. My first thought: “I Get To!”

Because if I hadn’t survived to suffer those headaches, I wouldn’t also be taking care of my daughter. I would have been working and she’d be in daycare. From then on, I began to think: “I Get To!” whenever life got rough.

We all have stuff in life; I’m not unique in that manner. It’s how I view that stuff, that makes all of the difference.

Overcome Adversity Expert Deanna L. Robinson

Hiking with my daughter is a special pleasure.

I love to hike, especially in Colorado. I use many hiking  analogies for dealing with life, personally or in business.  I’ve even bagged a few of Colorado’s 14’ers. Going up is always fun (fourteen thousand foot mountains). But coming down has it’s own unique challenges.

You can unravel the yucky gnarly awful mess that adversity creates. No matter how lost you get in the wilderness of life, through the forks in the road and the uphill battles, you can still find The Path that leads you to a productive, engaging, and meaningful life despite many challenging situations.

Overcome adversity with Deanna L. RobinsonIn 2002, I had the distinct honor to be an Olympic Torchbearer. It was beyond an amazing experience. As a result of that recognition, I was given the charge of being a “Bearer of Peace” for the remainder of my life. That charge has been transformational. It is a privilege to share that opportunity with others.

Through many adversities, I have overcome. To do that, I relied on three “I Get To” principles:

  • Strength— to move myself forward in a positive and productive way.
  • Dignity— to carry myself in a positive and ethical manner.
  • Grace— to forgive myself and others and exhibit compassion to all.

As a mother of five children, one with mental disabilities, two with health challenges, and as a wife of a serial entrepreneur, my life is full. I’d love to share my hard-fought wisdom over a cup of virtual tea, or as a speaker for your event. Please, check out my weekly e-zine, and if you’d like to go deeper into the forest or higher up a mountain, join me on The Path Mentoring Program. I’m very social, so you can always connect with me.

Be Blessed!