3 Ways to Support Your Friends

Recently I had the opportunity to share a meal with two out-of-town friends. These were separate visits by each. I have never lived in the same town as either of these women. About four years ago, I made a decision that I would be intentional about developing deep meaningful friendships with women around the world. And I have. This isn’t specifically for dentists, it applies to all of us.

My life is richer because of my friendships. I experience joy regularly—like daily. When we do for others, out of simple goodness for goodness sake, we generate positive energy that is contagious to all we come in contact with. We experience peace.

Both of these women would be traveling through Colorado and had early morning flights out of Denver International Airport. I live over 125 miles south of the airport. I mentioned early morning flights. You know the ones—departure around 6 am, which means be at the airport at least an hour prior, which means getting up even earlier than the hour before. On both occasions, I drove up to Denver the night before, spent time with them, shared a hotel, and got up at O’dark-thirty.

Before I go into things here, I’d like for you to know that I do have friends in the town where I live, and some friendships have lasted since my high school years. So, it’s not like I was desperate for friends. I simply wanted more. Specifically, I wanted deep, meaningful friendships.

I met one of my friends at a mall after traveling to Denver. I picked her up and we shared a meal. We had some good girl talk and talked about our perspective businesses–long leisurely talks.  The other friend, I picked up at the airport, struggled to find the hotel we would be staying at, shared a late night dinner and talk, very late night talk, and little sleep.

With both women, I learned more about their childhoods. I discovered some of their fears, vulnerable feelings, hopes and dreams. With both women  we discussed the taboo subject of finances and we saw each other first thing in the morning, before we were ready for the public, for anyone else. (Like before tea/coffee.)  Here were my takeaways that I believe really matter:

  1. Make an effort to spend time with friends. When our friends see that we made an effort to see them, to spend time, to do something for them, it helps them to realize they have value and are valued.
  2. Listen. That’s it–just listen to them.
  3. Share. Be vulnerable. Extend grace, when necessary.

Why is this important enough that I wanted to write a blog about this? Because the people in our lives matter. They matter to us, and the world around them.  Having more joy, experiencing prosperity throughout our lives, includes friends. As we create this life we would love to live, it’s in all of the details. Like friendships.

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