3 Benefits to Laughter

Let’s face it, the life of a dentist can be a stressful one.  I’m not saying anything that is news to you. So my question to you is this; what are you doing on a daily basis to combat that stress?

According to WebMD, we are healthier when we laugh, our immune system is strengthened. The Mayo Clinic claims that it stimulates many organs and helps activate and relieve our stress response.  Here is my favorite; when we laugh it increases our personal satisfaction.  Actually, there are far more than three benefits to laughter, it just made a great title for this post. (You can laugh at that.)

We must intentionally look for ways to laugh.

4 out of my 5 kids laughing.  The image is shaky because I'm laughing too!

4 out of my 5 kids laughing. The image is shaky because I’m laughing too!

One of the ways my husband, the dentist, and I regularly laugh, is watching DVR’d episodes of Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show. I have NEVER watched an episode and NOT laughed. Seriously, okay so maybe laughingly, I don’teven have to watch the entire episode. It is now a habit, that no matter how tired we are at the end of a day, we run through our recordings, and click on a portion of an episode, and start laughing. Here’s one that should get you going: Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show .

When our children were little, their joke books would have us crying with laughter. Some of them were so bad, you had to laugh. As I’m writing this post, I just received a text from my husband, the dentist. He is visiting some childhood friends that have a business and he needs their service. His text says, “Mike and Nick have me crying” – and then 4 emojis with the crying laughing face. I kid you not.

Whatever it takes, find ways to laugh. You will better be able to handle the stress that comes your way.

Please share with me, what makes you laugh, I could use a good belly laugh.

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