3 Benefits to Generating Gratitude

Seven years ago, I was in this same resort, during Spring Break getting a daughter ready for High School Golf Season. Fast forward to today. My life is totally different. I have fabulous health, that I can count on, and I’m so grateful. That got me thinking. I know that there are benefits to generating gratitude. How might I quantify them? Here are the results.

We don’t have gratitude, we generate it,like the power plant.

Why would we want to generate gratitude? It turns out there are some very real benefits to generating gratitude.  So let’s look at three.

#1 Feeling Good

Bring to mind what it’s like to feel grateful. I’ll give you a few examples to get you going. The car in front of you in heavy traffic, slams on their brakes, and you are able to stop in time – thank you. You are running late, and you walk into an exam room, and your assistant has everything set up, and is pleasantly chatting away with your patient – thank you. You are given a very thoughtful gift, and it makes your heart melt with gratitude – thank you. When you are experiencing gratitude, lean into it, breathe slowly, and savor the feeling. “The latest brain research 2015-03-21 10.51.38shows that six doses of feeling 30 seconds of gratitude daily (a whopping three minutes!) will enable your neurons to fire together and wire together around gratitude within a mere two weeks.” This affects the pleasure center of our brain. This found in a recent Forbes article;  click here to read more.

#2 Gratitude Makes you Happier

Feeling grateful affects your attitude, which in turn makes you happier, more productive, you tend to want to exercise more, and sleep better. Here is one I especially like for dentists, you are able to handle adversity better. That’s a huge benefit!

If you act on the inclinations, expressing gratitude, exercising, you will feel better about your life.

#3 Expressing Gratitude Benefits Others

By saying thank you and I’m grateful you are in my life, appreciating others, helps you feel good, and the recipient of your sentiment feel good. When you express gratitude to your patients, it in turn helps them to feel good. That is always a good thing to have your patients feel good about themselves.  Read more here.

That’s a lot of goodness and gratitude.

Seven years ago, my body ached all of the time, and I had felt pain in my head, non-stop for nine (9) years. Today, my head is pain free, and the only time my body aches, is when I’ve completed a long difficult hike or challenging Yoga class. I’m still helping a daughter get ready for High School Golf season, down in Arizona, during spring Break. I generate gratitude on a daily basis. I’m a living example of the benefits of generating gratitude. I hope you too, can just decide to be grateful. There are a lot more than three benefits of gratitude.

Thank you for reading.

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