10 Habits of Wealthy Successful People

As a dentist you know how to fill a cavity and perform a root canal. Do you have the following skills that wealthy and successful people have?


  • Listen to audiobooks during your commute. 63% of Millionaires do this. 2013-03-26 16.06.37

  • Wake up before the sun comes up. 44% of multimillionaires wake at least 3 hours before work. Early risers are more proactive and optimistic, says German biologist christoph Randler.

  • Become your own boss.  ⅔ of those on the 2014 Forbes 400 were self-made.

  • Network for 5 hours or more a month. 79% of millionaires do.

  • Clean out your voice mail. 86% of those w/ more than $3 million return phone calls immediately-regardless of you rang.

  • Give to charity. nearly all millionaires do this.

  • Hire a financial adviser. 77% of millionaires hire someone to manage their wealth.

  • Don’t retire ever. Not because they can’t, because they don’t want to, until at least 70 years old. (Spectrem Group findings)

  • Make a list before leaving the office. 81% of those w/ more than $3.2 million in liquid assets keep a to-do log. (Tom Corley of Cerefice and Co.)

  • Focus on the future. The wealthiest people have the longest-term thinking.

Being intentional about your wealth and success increases your chances for obtaining it. Write out your goals/dreams/visions. (Harvard study; Why 3% of the graduates make more than 97% combined income.)

Reach out to us here at Dentistry It’s Personal for a plan on how to achieve and obtain these habits.


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