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Circumstances can steal your joy for living . . .  there is a simple way for you to experience joy now.

Strength - release the power that is within you. Sometimes it's hidden and we have to be shown a way to release it, to assist us in change.

Dignity - accept responsibility for your life, now and moving forward.

Grace - compassion begins with you, only then are you able to extend it to others, it's a daily practice.


“The only source of knowledge is experience”

 —Albert Einstein

Deanna is a one-of-a-kind teacher, and visionary. She has more experience in personal development and transformational thinking than almost anyone I’ve ever seen. She works with individuals and groups in a genuine, powerful way. No one can exit a conversation with her without taking something magnificent away from it. She has helped me grow more aware of my thinking, communication, and goals. Deanna is a true game changer and deeply caring thought leader. Find a way to work with and engage with her! Your life will be better and more fulfilling as a result.  Amber Ludwig

Deanna has the rare ability to transform personal growth into radical business growth. Her magnetic energy and innovative teachings result in two of life’s most desired outcomes . . . happiness and profits.  Allison Maslan

Deanna has pulled out from deep inside my true goals and dreams and has not only shown them to me but, has also laid out a map of how to get there. — Carlos

Deanna is a lady that stands for change, for growth, and for LIVING. She has reminded me to thrive even when challenged by complacency. She is someone I laugh with, can cry with, and can always look up to. What I love, perhaps, the most about this lady is that she sees what is on the inside of others, even when they cannot see it themselves. She saw a counselor in me, and she saw a mother and I am so thankful she did. Such gratitude for this lady. - Lynn Marie

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